Payment Plan Description

payment plansChoose how often you’ll pay

You can choose to pay weekly or fortnightly– whatever’s best for you.

We’ll work out your instalment amounts

To work out how much your instalment payments should be, we take the average of how much the entire bill is and take regular equal payments out until completely paid.

As an example, if your total bill was $800 – by setting up weekly instalments, you’ll pay $200.00 up front & then $111.00 per week for 6 weeks.

We’ll send you a receipt each time a payment is made so that you can also keep track of your payments.

The easy way to pay

We’ll automatically withdraw your set instalment amount from the credit card you’ve chosen.

Remember, it’s important to pay on time – so you need to make sure that you have funds available in your credit card account to avoid extra charges. We ask for a deposit up front of 25% of total price and charge a once off administration fee of $66.00. The remaining amount will be deducted weekly or fortnightly from your credit card that you supply to us.

So how does the payment plan work? It works like this:
1. You supply credit card details to us.
2. An initial 25% of total price is deducted.
3. We deduct equal weekly amounts from card until date of service.
4. We provide you with statements upon every transaction.
5. We provide you with a final receipt on the day of service.
In order to qualify for a payment plan you must have a valid credit/debit card and book in at least 4 weeks in advance.